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Professional Profiles

Graduates in Quantitative Finance and Insurance, having a thorough nowledge of financial and actuarial issues, can aspire to become:

  • Financial Analyst, an expert in structured finance "from within"
  • Actuary
  • Risk Managers

You will be able to implement these skills autonomously and assuming increasing responsibility in different contexts, such as:

  • professional activities in finance and actuarial tasks;
  • commercial banks, medium-term loans banks and business, both national and international;
  • brokerage firms and investment consultancy;
  • insurance and reinsurance companies as actuaries and financial managers;
  • private companies in financial services for businesses;
  • public and social security institutions;
  • pension funds;
  • financial and insurance supervisory institutions;
  • financial consultancy firms and insurance;
  • other financial institutions and companies, insurance and social security

 Some of the most important companies where our graduates were employed are:

  • Eurizon Asset Management Milan
  • Fiat Finance and Trade London,
  • Ersel Torino,
  • Fondaco SGR Torino,
  • Fondiaria SAI Torino,
  • Intesa Sanpaolo,
  • J.P. Morgan Hedge Fund Services Dublin,
  • Reale Mutua Assicurazioni,
  • Assicurazioni Generali,
  • Ernst & Young,
  • Mc Kinsey,
  • KPMG,
  • Price Waterhouse,
  • Swiss R.E,
  • Federal Reserve Bank (USA),
  • BIM.

Placement statistics can be found HERE

In addition, some graduates were admitted to prestigious universities, such as Carnegie Mellon, University College London, University of Arizona, Wharton School, where they continued their studies to achieve PhD.

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