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Application and enrolment

A.Y. 2017/18

Students with an Italian Bachelor degree

The application procedure is different for students (Italian or not) who have an Italian Bachelor degree and students (Italian or not) who have a foreign Bachelor degree. Here we report the application procedure for students with an Italian Bachelor degree. Students with a foreign Bachelor degree must apply via the centralized application procedureof University of Torino: Application for International Students  (

The ideal applicant has a true interest and attitude for Quantitative Finance and Insurance studies, and has acquired in his/her undergraduate studies an array of quantitative skills and competencies which are necessary in order to satisfactorily engage in our program. By going through this and the related pages, the student will be made aware of the formal requirements necessary for application (see the "Admissions Requirements" document) as well as the substantial background requirements.

The procedure is articulated in two phases:

1) possibly early, the interested student fills in his/her application showing that s/he possesses the requirements and,

2) the successful applicant completes the enrollment process (at the latest by November 2017, as it will be published more precisely at the University Website, where you will find both the opening date and the deadlines for enrollment).

Early application is very helpful and warmly recommended for the following reasons:

-       it is highly advisable to start from the very beginning to attend classes;

-       if the Selection Committee were to deem some requirements missing or incomplete, the student would likely be able to fulfill them by the beginning of classes (around mid September);

-       especially for students coming from other regions in Italy or from abroad, it is extremely useful to have plenty of time to organize themselves, finding suitable accommodation and familiarizing themselves with the University of Torino, its rules and its practices;

-       in particular, it is highly advisable to submit the application no later than June 30, as this will guarantee you timely communication of an interview requirement (see below), as well as a whole summer to work on background gaps that the interview may reveal.


The admission requirements and an overview of the required background knowledge, which also serves as a reference for the possible interview, are detailed in the files below:

  1. QFI_Admission Requirements (downloadable .pdf)
  2. QFI_Reference Background (downloadable .pdf)

We stress that the second file illustrates the background required for proper understanding of the Master's courses, so we encourage all students, including those exempted from the interview, to carefully read it and to refresh their knowledge by reviewing the topics listed thereby.

We emphasize that applicants are not required to have received a Bachelor's degree at the time of filing the application. However, they must be in a position to receive it preferably by the beginning of the courses and in any case no later than the final enrollment deadline. As the first semester courses cover key fundamental notions in Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, it is also very important that candidates be free of any commitment before classes begin.

Application procedure and deadlines

Candidates submit their application form online at following link:  application form along with all the required documents, listed in the file QFI_DocumentsRequired  (downloadable .pdf). Once filled the application form, you will be notified of the acknowledgement of receipt and the reference number of your application. Applications for academic year 2017/18 can be submitted at any time starting from 15 March 2017. The Selection Committee examines each application, and notifies applicants about the result of the application soon after the deadline immediately following the application, according to the following calendar:

  • 1st deadline: May 31, 2017
  • 2nd deadline: June 30, 2017
  • 3rd deadline: August 31, 2017

There are three possible results:

a)    admitted; i.e., the student can enroll as soon as s/he graduates and the enrollments are open;

b)    not admitted, i.e., the student cannot enroll for A.Y 2017-18

c)    admitted conditionally on an interview on specific subjects/topics.

The results of the applications, together with the dates of the interview for students who need it, will be published on the noticeboard "Avvisi e news"  in the website soon after each deadline reported above. The Id number of the student will be given by the LAST FOUR DIGITS of the name of the .txt file attached to the email that the student will receive(for example, if the name of the file is form_3uf5_0028.txt, the Id is 0028). Students who live at distances which do not require an overnight stay for the travel are required to be physically present for the interview. Other students are allowed to take the interview via VOIP (e.g., Skype), if the Skype address has been reported in the application form.

The student, if all the requirements are met, enrolls. Please, follow the enrollment instructions that you find at the link  QFI_EnrolmentInstructions  Enrollment fees can be found at, when published.

Enrollment Dates and Procedures: see Unito website

Classes start mid September 2017 (exact date to be announced)

Warning: Before the official Classes start, there will be a refresher course on Mathematical Analysis and Probability Calculus in the first week of September 2017. Details will be available in due time.


Tuition and Fees

Full tuition and fees in A.Y. 2016-17 were equal to maximum 2.789,93 Euros per year. More details on the Unito Website Please check the information updated to next A.Y., when available. Financial aid is available for low income students (see

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