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Why Study Quantitative Finance and Insurance

The Master Program in Quantitative Finance and Insurance occupies a prominent position in the national educational offer in the financial and actuarial field. The course is designed for excellent students, eager to get a preparation highly specialized, with the use of advanced mathematical statistical models. The course lasts two years and takes place entirely in English. You can access it primarily from the three-year degrees in Business Administration and Economics and, better, from the three-year degree in Mathematics for Finance and Insurance; exceptionally, you can access it from other types of an undergraduate program, by having and passing an interview on the disciplines missing from your previous curriculum. To be admitted you must also have earned a bachelor's rating of at least 99/110 and a certificate of knowledge of English language at least B2.

The course fits to the current convergence of the activities of banks and business, financial companies, with the activities of insurance and reinsurance and social security systems. These organizations deal with issues related to each other, which are studied implementing tools, techniques and models quite similar when not substantially identical.

The educational aim of the course, in general, is to provide a sound preparation, and knowledge of these tools, techniques and models, they can find suitable application both in the financial and in the insurance environment, and, being the whole course held in English, both in Italy and almost worldwide.

It is generally believed that setting up to date, as also for professional and business activities of all finance and insurance companies are asked to deal with the management and certification of both the assets and the liabilities. Please note that this double competence is also planned in the syllabus for the preparation of the State examination for access to the National Order of Actuaries, Table A, which has reserved activities, as well as to access CFA Institute program to get the Chartered Financial Accounts credentials.

The program provides excellent knowledge of methodologies and logical tools, mathematical statistical and probabilistic, foundations and skills in computer data processing, applying them to: finance, financial intermediation, insurance, retirement planning, risk identification and management, analysis of financial markets, legal aspects of financial and insurance markets, pursuing the integration of different disciplines complementary each other.

The variety of subject areas integrated into a single design will also allow ready adaptation to different and evolving contexts. Some students spent a semester of study abroad, in Seoul, Louvain, Moscow and other prestigious universities.

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