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QFI presentation video by the President of the course professor Elena Vigna

Check the QFI slide presentation.


The Master Program in Quantitative Finance and Insurance (QFI) is one of the best graduate programs Italy has to offer for financial and actuarial studies. It is designed for excellent students who are looking for a high-level education and are conscious of the importance of a deep background in mathematical and statistical models.

QFI builds fundamentally on the current convergence among the activities of banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Each of these organizations deals with very similar problems, and solves them with very similar quantitative tools, techniques and models.

QFI provides a rigorous and sound knowledge of analytical and logical tools, mathematical, statistical and probabilistic models, skills in computer data processing, and applies them to: finance, insurance, retirement planning, risk identification and management, asset management, analysis of financial markets, legal aspects of financial and insurance markets. This makes the student familiar with the quantitative skills that are key to success in the financial as well as in the insurance businesses. For instance, high competence and familiarity with the quantitative skills provided by QFI are needed to pass the state exam for Italian actuaries, as well as to obtain the Chartered Financial Accountant credentials.

The variety of disciplines integrated into a single design, wholly taught in English, also allows our graduates to readily adapt to different and evolving environments, both in Italy and worldwide.

The program spans two years. Students access it primarily from 3-year (Bachelor's) degrees in Economics, Business Administration, or Mathematics for Finance and Insurance; exceptionally, students with different backgrounds will be considered, as long as they possess solid foundations in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. Students are also expected to hold proficiency of the English language at the level B2 of the CEFR.

For further details about the career opportunities arising from QFI, please refer to our "Careers" page.

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