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Events, activities and opportunities for QFI students

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Seminar "Behavioural Modeling and Artificial Intelligence in Financial Risk"
Introduzione alla DeFi: i concetti chiave e il caso d’uso di iGroot
A Python case study on Credit Risk Modelling: Coding up Financials module component within IRB PD framework │ mandatory participation for II year QFI students
Seminar "Pricing in Non-Life insurance" | mandatory for I and II year QFI students, Insurance curriculum
A Python case study: dealing with panel data within the model development activities │ mandatory participation for II year QFI students
Seminar "Actuarial mathematics in welfare issues" - on 19/10/22 and 16/11/22 - MANDATORY participation for the I-year Italian students of QFI, Insurance and Statistics curriculum
QFI Welcome Party: news about refreshment and a classroom change
Short courses for QFI students (cohort 2022-2023): the calendar is now available
Generali Group: "Learn deep and plan in advance" - mandatory for I and II year QFI students
Behavioral modelling and Artificial Intelligence in Financial Risk │ 21 April 2022
New date: 30/3/2022 - Seminar "How governments and central banks face crises: from the Great War to the Pandemic Crisis" - mandatory participation for the I and II year students of QFI (Finance curriculum)
New mobility experience with UNITA: Climb Your Future!
''I lunedì del Job!'': incontra gli esperti del settore e le aziende - ''Costruisci il tuo «IO» professionale (CV e colloquio)''
Short courses for QFI students (cohort 2021/22): check the calendar updated with one lesson online
Update: Seminar "Actuarial mathematics in welfare issues" - 24th November in presence - mandatory participation for some students
Meet Deloitte Risk Advisory on 13/05/2021 on WEBEX Platform
Webinar ERNST & YOUNG: "We audit. Do you?"
Webinar: KPMG Recruiter tips
Webinar Digital Talent Fair
A series of follow-up webinars: Costruisci il tuo “Io” professionale – Build your own professional identity
MA-TE digital marathon
Webinar - Poste Italiane: apprendistato per laureandi/e e laureati/e magitrali in discipline economiche
Short courses for QFI students (cohort 2020/21): the calendar is now available
Seminar "Actuarial mathematics in welfare issues" on 6/05/2020 - mandatory participation for the I year students of QFI, Insurance and Statistics curriculum
Meet KPMG Financial Risk Management Experts on 30/03/2020 on WEBEX Platform
Seminar "Actuarial mathematics in welfare issues" on 6/03/2020 - mandatory participation for the I year students of QFI (Insurance and Statistics)
"The role of risk management in Asset Management " on 2/03/2020 - mandatory partecipation for the II year students of QFI (Finance)
"Enterprise Risk Management " on 21/02/2020 - mandatory partecipation for the I year students of QFI (both curricula)
"Statistical thinking live: decision-making using JMP" - Wednesday, 13th November 2019 at 10 am
Training Chain of the Italian Actuary - mandatory participation for the first year students of QFI Curriculum Insurance and Statistics
Welcome Party
Short courses for QFI students (cohort 2019/20) - UPDATED calendar
15/04/2019 Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp®
Ciclo di Seminari "La matematica attuariale nelle problematiche di welfare" - 26 ottobre e 16 novembre
Pomeriggio Attuariale degli Attuari Piemontesi
Welcome party for students of QFI and Econonomics
Short courses calendar: filling the gaps in your quantitative background
Enterprise Risk Management - Compulsory for all first year QFI students
A quarter century of international finance: from the Maastricht Treaty to the European sovereign debt crisis - Compulsory for QFI students, first year, Finance curriculum
Capital Requirements optimization methodologies: OICR guarantees towards credit modelling based on the CRR (Capital Requirements Regulation)
Seminario attuariale: obbligatorio per studenti del I anno percorso Insurance and Statistics
Seminar: "Statistical thinking live: decision-making using JMP"

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Scholarship in memory of Leonardo Cuttica | deadline June 11th, 2023
CRUI Foundation - Schools : call for application for 14 curricular internships | deadline May 31st, 2023
Jane Klausman scholarship
Generation4Universities - application by May the 2nd, 2023
Call Research Associates Evaluation Lab - deadline 31 March 2023
Scholarships to attend the Green Week Academy 2023 | check the deadlines
Accommodation funds for Vicenza Città Impresa Academy 2023 | check the deadlines
Bando collaborazioni a tempo parziale per studenti a.a. 2022-2023 | scadenza 23 dicembre 2022, ore 14
Thesis Award #ChiantiTesi 2022 │ deadline 10 November 2022
Scholarships UNRAE │ deadline 30 September 2022
Scholarships Anasf "Ivo Taddei" 2022 │ deadline 31 December 2022
Scholarships Piemonte, Liguria e Valle d'Aosta │ deadline 13 November 2022
Call for application - 20 scholarships for international students "UniTo for Students at Risk" - a.y. 2022-2023
Thesis Award "Giuseppe Taliercio" 2022 │ deadline 22 September 2022
Scholarships to attend the Bergamo Città Impresa Academy | check the deadlines
Progetto Buddy - Bando a.a.2022-2023 │ scadenza: 15 giugno 2022
Blended Intensive Programme in Intercomprehension and Renewable energy – Deadline June 5th 2022
SIAT Thesis Award 2022 | check the deadlines

The Allievi of the Collegio Carlo Alberto are academically outstanding students, enrolled either in a laurea triennale (Junior Allievi) or in a laurea magistrale (Senior Allievi) in Economics, Quantitative Finance and Insurance, Statistics and Data Science, and related subjects at the University and Politecnico of Torino. The Allievi are expected to fulfil their university requirements, as well as to participate in additional activities (tutorials and classes) at the Collegio.

The Allievi interact on a daily basis with faculty members, fellows and affiliates of the Collegio. Moreover, they have access to the Collegio’s facilities and scientific activities, such as seminarslecturesmaster's and doctoral courses.

More info about the application procedure and deadlines are at website of the Carlo Alberto

ARPM Bootcamp 2019/20 at University of Torino

Held at University of Torino

In 6 intense days, the Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Quant Bootcamp

  • provides a broad overview of modern quantitative finance, across asset management, banking and insurance;
  • enables understanding of inter-relationships between topics across theory and implementation.



50 hours of instruction (lectures and review sessions). Topics include:

  • Data science and machine learning
  • Market modeling
  • Factor modeling
  • Portfolio construction
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Investment risk management 
  • Liquidity modeling
  • Enterprise risk management



  • Virtual Classroom: online venue to socialize with fellow Bootcampers and ARPM instructors
  • Social Mixer: an informal gathering to mingle, chat, play, share memories, and take photos in our booth


From home - Online

Upon enrollment you get access for 3 months:

  • Curated Bootcamp Video lectures
  • ARPM Lab: theory, case studies, data animations, documentation, code, slides, exercises
  • Virtual Classroom: preparation tips, subject matter Q&A Forum

In operation since 2007, with thousands of alumni globally including industry leaders and academics.

Students from UNITO can access to the course at a discounted price.

ARPM Bootcamp website

Second year QFI students can attend a short course (24 hours) on Python programming offered in the second semester. Given the limited capacity of the computer lab, admission is subject to a selection process. Upon successful completion of the course, students can apply for the course to be recognized as 3 extra-curricular ECTS/CFU.

Website: Computer Science with Python

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