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How to apply

A.Y. 2022/23


Application procedure holding an italian or not-italian bachelor degree

The application procedure is different for students (Italian or not) who have an Italian Bachelor degree and students (Italian or not) who have a foreign Bachelor degree.

Here we report the application procedure for students with an Italian Bachelor degree.

Students with a foreign Bachelor degree must apply via the centralized application procedure of University of Torino: Application for International Students.


Application procedure for students with Italian bachelor degree

The admission process for students with Italian Bachelor degree consists of different steps:

1. APPLICATION FORM: the student applies via the application form at the link below in the period March 15 - August 31 (more about the deadlines below). Notice that applicants are not required to have received the Bachelor's degree at the time of filing the application; however, they must be in a position to receive it preferably by the beginning of the courses and in any case no later than the final enrolment deadline to QFI (around mid December).

2. DOCUMENTS TO BE UPLOADED: during the application the student must upload some documents, some are compulsory some are not.

    • COMPULSORY DOCUMENTS are (if any of the compulsory documents is not uploaded the application will not be examined): 
      • CV;
      • copy of your valid identification document;
      • official transcript provided by the university reporting all exams including the grades taken during the bachelor; if the student has already graduated when applying, the official transcript must report also the final graduation mark. Notice that the official transcript must be the one provided by the university: the screen of your electronic exam transcript, i.e. the screen of your "libretto elettronico", will not be accepted. Check an example of the official transcript (for example, students of University of Torino can download this file from their personal Unito account going to  "Carriera" then "Certificazione carriera": it is a pdf file called "Autocertificazione iscrizione e immatricolazione con esami").
      • non compulsory documents are the certification of the English knowledge (i.e. IELTS certificate, First certificate, TOEFL certificate etc.), or any other documents that are deemed to be useful for the selection committee; please, try not to upload more than 3 additional documents;
      • if you do not have an official English language certificate, you could include a signed statement in which you report any information that you consider useful for the assessment of your knowledge of the English language
      • reference letters are not compulsory; however if some professors of the university where you graduated are available to write one, you should ask them to send it directly to with the following subject "Reference letter for name SURNAME, QFI admission"; please, let them know that they should attach the reference letter as a separate attachment to the email (pdf or word file) and they should not write the reference letter in the text of the email; please, notice that this is the only procedure that we accept in order to take into account reference letters; we accept up to 2 reference letters for each applicant.

3. IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: when the application is finished the applicant receives an email with the receipt of the submission form, and attached to this email there is a html file; the last four digits of the name of the file are the identification number of the application: for example, if the name of the file is form_3uf5_9876.txt, the identification number of the student is 9876; you must store and remember your identification number, because the file with the application results will report only the identification numbers, and not the applicants' names and surnames.

4. FORGOTTEN DOCUMENTS: if you realize that you have forgotten some very important document or information in the application just closed and you want to do another application you can do it; however, we do ask you to be very careful when you apply for the first time, so that you do not have to apply twice.

5. DEADLINES: there are 2 deadlines for the application: June 30 and August 31; applications uploaded between March 15 and June 30 are examined by the selection committee soon after June 30, and the results are published in the first 10 days of July; applications uploaded between July 1 and August 31 are examined soon after August 31, and the results are published in the first 10 days of September; it is not possible to apply for QFI after August 31.

6. APPLICATION OUTCOME: students will not receive by email the application outcome. The results of the applications are published in the Highlights in the website homepage and they can be:

    • admitted;
    • not admitted;
    • interview.

7. INTERVIEW: if the result is interview, the student must go to the interview, on the date and time indicated in the results sheet; if the student does not show up at the interview, the final result will be not admitted; interviews can be done on skype only if the return journey to Torino takes too long and the interview in person would require an overnight stay in Torino; in general, if the return journey to Torino for the interview can be done in one single day, we prefer the interview in person; subject to the applicant's request, the interview can be scheduled in the middle of the day to meet the applicant's travelling needs: in this case you should send an email to the selection committee (the email addresses will be in the results sheet) immediately after you see the result interview, to ask for a suitable time for the interview.

During the Covid-19 emergency, the interview can be done online (on Skype or Webex platforms) for students who: (i) are resident outside Piedmont or (ii) are in quarantine or isolation or (iii) are fragile (or live with persons who are fragile).

Students who are eligible for the online interview must contact immediately the selection committee after they see the result interview.

8. APPLICATION RESULTS TIMING: students will not receive by email the application outcome. In order to know the application outcome, you should check the Highlights of the website every day after each deadline, because it is not rare that results are available very soon after the deadline and the interviews are scheduled sooner than you expect; however, be aware that sometimes results are posted 10 days after the deadline or even more (no more than two weeks later).

More information are available on the page admission requirements.


Application form (open from 15/3/2022 to 31/8/2022)


After being admitted

The student who is admitted can enrol in the period September-December following the University procedure and deadlines.

Enrolment Dates and Procedures can be found at:

Enrolment fees can be found on the UniTo website Tuition and Fees page, when published.


Official courses and crash courses

Classes start around mid - September (exact date to be announced)

Before the official courses start, there are two intensive crash courses on Mathematics and Probability in the first two weeks of September. Attending the two crash courses is not formally compulsory, but is highly recommended. In the days of the crash courses, all students will be invited to have an individual 10' interview with Professors Marena and Vigna to discuss about the study plan. Details about the crash courses and the individual interviews schedule will be available in due time in the Highlights in the website homepage.


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