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Admission requirements

A.Y. 2022/23


The ideal applicant has a true interest and attitude for Quantitative Finance and Insurance studies and has acquired in his/her undergraduate studies an array of quantitative skills and competencies which are necessary in order to satisfactorily engage in QFI program.

Many students contact professors via email before applying to investigate the chances of being admitted at Quantitative Finance and Insurance. We do not encourage this approach, because the admission results are decided by a selection committee and none of its members can individually decide about the admission of any student.

However, in some rare cases the admission result is automatic. If the student satisfies very strict sufficient requirement, then he/she is automatically admitted. The student is admitted if he/she satisfies all the following requirements:

  1. degree that provides the following minimum requirements: (i) 18 CFU (ECTS) in Mathematics; (ii) 18 CFU (ECTS) in Economics or Econometrics or Investments or Capital Markets or Corporate Finance or Accounting or Management; (iii) 12 CFU (ECTS) in Statistics;
  2. final graduation mark equal or above 105/110 (9.54/10);
  3. average grade of exams in Mathematics not lower than 27/30 (9/10);
  4. average grade of exams in Statistics not lower than 27/30 (9/10);
  5. average grade of exams in Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics only) not lower than 27/30 (9/10);
  6. certificate of English knowledge equal or above B2 (Common European Standards).

Notice that even if you satisfy the sufficient requirements 1-6 you still must apply via the online application form to be admitted.

It must be noted that satisfying requirements 1-6 is a sufficient but not necessary condition to be admitted. It might as well happen that students who do not satisfy all the sufficient requirements can yet be suitable for QFI. If the student thinks he/she has an appropriate background and motivation for QFI, he/she is encouraged to apply. The application will be examined by the selection committee and the result of the application can be:

  • admitted;
  • not admitted;
  • interview.

In general, students who hold sufficient background relative to mathematical, statistical and economic topics are likely to be admitted. On the contrary, students who have weak quantitative skills are likely not to be admitted. Some of the students (though, not necessarily all of them) with strong mathematical quantitative background but little knowledge of Economics or Finance are often interviewed to evaluate the possibility that they can fill in the gaps in their knowledge before the courses start. These students are particularly encouraged to apply by the June deadline, so that if they pass the interview they have the summer months to cover the gaps in their knowledge. The majority of the students without any knowledge of Economics or Finance are likely not to be admitted, exceptions aside. Exceptions to the examples illustrated above are certainly possible.

The reference background with which students should ideally be familiar with is detailed in the file QFI Reference Background. The aim of the interview (if any) is to assess whether the applicant masters the tools and knowledge included in QFI Reference Background file, with particular emphasis on mathematics and statistics. It must be noted that generally the interview is not an oral examination, but a broad motivational discussion.

Finally, motivation is also a very important factor to be admitted: QFI is a very challenging and difficult program, and the successful student must be hard-working, focused and determined. Ideally, he/she should be full-time student and devote all his/her time to QFI.


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